The HELLOBRAND. network unites befriended companies and their brand philosophy, well-known Corporate Identity and Corporate Design Agencies, Digital Experience Agencies, Product Designers, Change Management Consultants, Independent Artists, and Brandmedia Producers and those all around involved in Commuication and Design.


Andrea Daecke-Heilmann did my branding. Specifically, the visual HELLOBRAND. implementation. It is her fault. Of course, mine as well. Andrea and I have known each other since our work together at Suedwestrundfunk. She had been there before me and left before I left SWR. In my opinion, she is one of the best designers in the company. During our internal pitch in 2009 (between at least 15 Designers on and off the Air) for the new Corporate SWR design, she was for me -by far- the best. She designs accurately and intelligently, always with a touch of sophistication.

As well as color and movement, Ihave always liked that. Her web site, demonstrates this well. There is, however, only one design example but that suffices. It includes: past, a bit of art, future, humor and good font. Whoever would like to see more, has to contact Andrea directly. And try and convince her as well. She works limited hours and mostly for clients in Uebersee - sometimes for me as well. Her talent is likened to that of rare honey from the Provence; I was lucky.


Anton is one of my oldest friends. We had already worked together during my Daimler days. There, he was a significant companion in the Corporate Design Communication - and he still is today. Anton and his company Interton1 ( developed the first DaimlerChrysler Design Navigator at a time where digital platforms rarely belonged under the Design Management Umbrella. Since, in 2001, there were only few companies that were active in this area: Siemens Brandville was the benchmark and right thereafter DaimlerChrysler. Today, there is no company on the DAX 30 which does not offer a Digital Experience in design. And Anton was even allowed to work for the Suedwestrundfunk, even though I think the system has not yet been released. Today, he is underway as a digital Communication Consultant. And nothing functioned in HELLOBRAND. without Anton. He provided many valuable tips regarding Digital First and CMS. And now I am blogging as well. Thanks Anton!