Concept & Design


During the last 20 years, I have been responsible for holistic Corporate and Agency Branding. This left an imprint. Thus, the idea for the 360 Degree Brand Experience Curation was born. I am also approachable for one-time projects.

  • I worked for agencies as an independent Creative Director of Concept & Design for the entirety of the Brand Experience. B-to-B, specifically, B-to-C with an emphasis on Corporate Branding, Design Management and Measurement, Event- and Presentation Design.
  • I have Experience, as Interimsmanager, with process amendments, review/re-arrange Brandarchitecture, and Design Management. Facilitating Corporate Identity Workshops and Corporate Design planning can all be part of my tasks.
  • I can take over the subsequent choice and temporary steering of the Design Agency in your organization as well. I am a ‘Petrol Head’ and a lover of Car Design.



Here, I was responsible – as internal Art Director, for the creation of visual communication for all international Trade Fairs and Events. Together, with agencies, such as Zeichen & Wunder, KMS and Schmidhuber & Partner, all of Munich was placed under my belt. This successful foundation, which was created, still serves as a successful Trade communication of AUDI AG. After serving in the Design Department of Audi, I worked as Design Manager for all visual activities under the Corporate Design umbrella and in Brand communication. Also, in close contact to the other accountable Brand Designers in the Volkswagen Group.



As Senior Manager of Brand Management & Corporate Design, I was responsible for the entire Visual Communication of the Corporate Brad DaimlerChrysler where I partnered for the product brands internally. This included the development and implementation of the Corporate Design of the Corporate Brand together with the agency Schindler & Parent Identity (today known as Realgestalt, Berlin). Further, the Concept and Design of the visual communication of the Corporate Brand at international Motorshows and events together with Kaufmann & Theilig (Stuttgart) and Atelier Markgraph (Frankfurt).

Briefing, Idea, Concept, Design and Implementation of all DaimlerChrysler AG Stakeholder Meetings were all developed from my internal Brandingteam together with CB.e (Berlin). At that time, five business reports were produced under my skilled-leadership. In addition, the idea and implementation of (at that time) a very new concept of a public digital platform: The DaimlerChrylser Designnavigator. Developed for international Corporate Design-Communication and as a Brandingtool for the company, I developed with IntertoneOne (Stuttgart).



I served two years in Corporate Identity and Corporate Design Development as a Creative Directior of the Agency group CB.e in Berlin and Stuttgart. Moreover, I was responsible for the Concept and Implementation for the “Deutsche Wohnen AG” (after their merger with the Berlin ‘Gehag’), for the Concept and all Design Development for the 100-year anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Factory in Mannheim.

I was also charged with the concept elaboration and implementation of the corporate design for the National Association of German Employers (BDA). I developed the Concept and Design for the EADS Welcome Party in the Goya (Berlin) for the International Air-and Space Travel Exhibition (ILA). In addition, I helped develop a potential “On the Move” Concept and Design for a competition entry for the Mercedes-Benz World in Untertuerkheim (Stuttgart) for an modern & innovative, active-drive, customer experience building area.




Suedwestrundfunk (SWR)

As Head of Design at Suedwestrundfunk (SWR), I was responsible for the Corporate Design-Development, and Implementation for the company brand, two television brands in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) and Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany), the six Radiobrands SWR1, SWR2, SWR 3, SWR 4, SWR info and SWR DasDing including the visual leadership of the Orchestra.

This work included the general web design, the signage and all company layouts, approximately 20 studio designs for the SWR television, the belonging On-Air promotions and all event layouts, along with the entire daily job requirements as leader for three internal design teams. We did it together with external agencies such as gate11, Munich, Strichpunkt, Stuttgart, and for general Setdesign Mr. Rainer Borghoff, Cologne.


Viessmann Group

In, 2013 I worked as a Head of Branding on the trade fair design and the artistic approaches for the permanent exhibition in the Allendorf (Germany) location. I worked on this project together with Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt. I also worked together with Stuttgart’s design agency Strichpunkt on a visual proposal for the expansion of the Viessmann Brand portfolios strategy into „Warm-Cold-Electricity & Steam“.



In the area of Healthcare, I worked for Siemens AG in 2014. I worked on the pitch for the CB.e agency in Ludwigsburg (Germany) to develop the digital ‚Meeting Place’ C.Site and the communications concept for the internal employee campaign. Likewise, for the CB.e. agency in Ludwigsburg, I was able to win the competition for the yearly Eventdesign & Communication of the Daimler Supplier Award and I shared the responsibility for the arrangement. The 2016 continuation was just confirmed.



I worked, on behalf of an diffrent agency, for the MERCEDES AMG INTERNAL BRANDING CAMPAIGN. This design was done for the staff at the Affalterbach (Germany) location. They wanted to create their very own positioning. Alongside the above, under my creative direction, we created a dynamic visual style for an AMG Brand Showroom at Affalterbach.



Since beginning 2015, I have been working as the Creative Director for the B2B Agency Floorseven in Ludwigsburg. There, I created a new appearance for the fastfood label POKKEZ in Stuttgart. I also developed, for two new hotels, the entire branding experience from naming, interior design, and their entire digital communication. In addition, I was the man in charge of a new business-to-business portal concept for the e-scooter produced by GOVECS GROUP Munich (Germany), in the area of design and content. And I am the ‚Creative Head’ at the construction group WOLFF & MUELLER, in Stuttgart (Germany).